Running Links

Wisconsin Running Links:

Upcoming Races in Wisconsin: Running in the USA’s Wisco Race Calendar

Running Clubs in Wisconsin: A list of 37 Wisconsin Running Clubs with links

Badgerland Striders:  Wisconsin’s Biggest Running Club and a great site for WI runners

JS Online’s Off the Couch Blog: Focusing on recreational athletics in the state, including running, biking, and swimming.

Route Finders:

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources State Trails: Great resource for mapping your next trail run.

Map My Run: Find a route or map your own.

Run the Planet: Not my favorite, but they have descriptions of routes(if not actual directions) about runs across the country.

Running Tools:

McMillan Training Calculator: Punch in a recent race time, and see what you should be running at other distances.

Pace Calculator:

Time Calculator: I actually use this a lot to determine average mile pace after my workouts.

Runner’s World Smart Coach: This creates a workout plan for your upcoming race.  Even if you don’t follow it religiously(I don’t anymore), there are good suggestions for workouts.

Community: The LetsRun forum has plenty of running discussions and workout talk.  There’s also no shortage of mean-spirited punks ready to berate you for a 5k time over 16 minutes. Decent Running Forum

Runner’s World Forum: Everything under the sun.


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  1. Anonymous says:

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    Happy Trails…

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