Beer Resources

If you’re a beer geek, I’m sure you’ve found yourself scouring the web for beer reviews, homebrew tips, and beer-centric restaurants.  Luckily, the bearded and/or goateed beer lovers of the world provide you with no shortage of information.  This list is nowhere near comprehensive, but these are the beer sites I use regularly.

Favorite Beer Review Sites:

Beer Advocate: Treasure trove of beer-related information

Rate Beer: Another great review site featuring every beer under the sun.

The Vice Blog: Great site that offers a funny, insightful look at beer(among other things).

Top Homebrew Sites: If you have a question about homebrewing, I’m sure it’s been answered here–no matter how beginner or advanced the issue.

Midwest Supply: When I lived in DC, did not own a car, and going to a homebrew shop was not an option, Midwest was my go-to online ale kit store.

Northern Brewer: Excellent online beer store and foum.  Good advice and prices.

Wisconsin Beer Links:

Wisconsin Beer and Winery Finder: This is a fairly comprehensive listing of the state’s breweries and wineries, and there’s a map as well.  If you have a smartphone, I highly recommend the excellent and free app, “Wisconsin Microbrewery Guide“.

Madison Beer Review: Well researched, thoughtful, and in-depth discussion of beer and the brewing industry in Wisconsin.

Pubfinder: I used to travel A LOT for work, and was often in search of a local brewpub or beer bar for dinner or a local brew.  Pubfinder, which is hit or miss in all honesty, usually has a decent collection of beer-centric restaurants and pubs throughout the state(and nation).


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