About WBR

Welcome to the Wisconsin Beer Runner(WBR). My name is Rodee and I’m a runner and beer-lover living in Madison.  I recently returned to my home state of Wisconsin after spending the last six years living in Washington, DC.

The focus of the blog is on beer and running in Wisconsin.  There will be race reports, training tips, running news from across the state, as well as beer reviews, beer news, and interviews.

I think Wisconsin has one of the most vibrant brewing communities in the country, and the audience for good beer is as educated and hungry as anywhere i’ve seen.  The state is also blessed with a beautiful landscape made for running.  The countless running clubs across the state, and the wealth of races on any given weekend are testament to the profound impact that running has on the people of Wisconsin.  This blog will lend one more voice to two of the state’s  treasures.

A few personal things to note: I never ran cross country, I was never a distance runner, I generally hated running growing up(except sprints/hurdles), and I used to LOVE Miller Lite.

I mention these things only to note that people change.  Sometimes profoundly.  And hopefully those changes lead to an improvement over who were were before.


One Response to About WBR

  1. Collin Carriere says:

    Do you know of any good running stores on the Western part of WI. Anywhere from Eau Claire to LaCrosse? When we lived on the other side of the state fell in love with Fleet Feet of Appleton. They offer great product, great advice, and bonus seminars, looking for something similar on this side.

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