April Fools Prep

Course Map. Dig the Point to Point.

I take on my second race of the season at tomorrow’s April Fools 5k in Appleton. It’s kind of a great little run for at least five reasons:

  1. It’s at 6 p.m. on a Friday, so I can run it right after work – no ruining my Friday/Saturday night.
  2. It’s a point to point course, which I find great for getting into an effortless groove (as long as the wind is at my back…)
  3. They give you an amazing Brooks long sleeve running shirt in the schwag bag
  4. The post race party features nice prizes for winners and they had women’s roller derby going on next to us in the sports complex
  5. Last but not least, this year, I got in free for winning it last year

I ran my 5k PR in this race last year (16:18), engaging in an excellent dual with a nice guy from Menominee. I was undoubtedly in better shape compared to this year, but based on another week of solid workouts, I’m curious what my body can handle. Some of it will depend on the the wind, competition and my hip, but I’m crossing my fingers for a time in the high 16’s.

Race Week Workouts

Considering nearly every one of my meager workouts for the last few months has been a tempo, this week I tried to kickstart my 5k speed with a few miles of short intervals. I’ve done a few of the workouts from a Running Times article on 5k race-week prep over the years, and the 400 meter intervals seem to offer the right intenstity without the exhaustion that can follow. My basic workout went like this:

  1. 3×400 at 5k pace (5:20/mile) w/ a 100-150 meter jog in between….Jog 200 meters after the last one
  2. 3×400 at 5k pace minus 2-3 seconds per 400 (about 5:05/mile) w/ a 200 meter jog….200 meter jog
  3. 3×400 meters at 5k minus 3-4 seconds per 400 (about 4:59/mile) w/ 200 meter jog in between…2 min. jog after the last one
  4. 4×200 meters with all i had left, with a 200 meter jog in between….Good for 2.5 miles of speed on the day.

The times were better than i expected them to be, and considering i was not hit by a car as i ran circles in a Green Bay subdivision, the afternoon should be considered a success. We’ll see if my legs agree tomorrow.

Other Notable Running News:

  • I ran a controlled, even 9 mile tempo averaging 5:53/mile this Saturday on the roads of Door County as part of a 16 mile long run. I keep on feeling better than i probably should on these tempo runs considering how much harder I seemed to be working last season. One caveat is to this supposed success is that I could be training a bit too far above threshold pace (I should probably be doing more 5-6 mile tempos closer to half marathon pace – 5:38 – 5:45 or so).
  • I invented a new unpleasant hill workout near my work that I’ll try to incorporate from time to time. I blast a 200 meter hill for 10 repeats with a jog down, before transitioning into four longer repeats in this valley featuring two steep 200 meter hills at either end and a .33 mile straightaway. I jog down one of the hills and race the straightaway and hill. Anyway, i did it last week and wanted to puke.
  •  My hip started screaming last Sunday once again on an 11 miler in Door Co. A trip to the PT kind of helped, but i feel like it’s my new normal. All i can do is stretch it and hope it doesn’t flair up at bad times.
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