Finding the Time

I’ve spent the last five months immersed in the morose certainty of my  inevitable decline as a runner.  And as much as I’d love to complain about the utter lack of adequate running routes in Appleton or near my work in Green Bay, or how I’m nearly hit all the time because pedestrian rights seem to be after thought up here, or how my mileage is down because I just can’t do 5 a.m. runs everyday, or that my hip/knee/achilles/fill intheblank hurt…there really isn’t that much to moan about.

I’m still blessed to able to churn out a daily eight miler at lunch. Despite the brutality of this summer’s heat, I managed to string together a series of confusingly effective workouts that despite limited volume and speed at least maintained some level of my fitness. And although my times have not seen improvement since a high point last spring, i’ve at least found myself in a series of races where I happened to be the one finishing near the top. It’s a position that’s often out of my hands, but nice nonetheless.

So while this is the first time I’ve written in months and while I will complain to no end about Appleton running and bombing workouts and not finding enough time to do the thing that brings me immense joy, tonight I won’t.

I’ll think about a series of summer races in my favorite place to run – Door County – that ended better than they probably should have. I’ll think of a big Milwaukee Brewer half where I posted a time I didn’t know i could still post, and I’ll think about a month of running adventures still to come: A Potowatami State Park 10k in Sturgeon Bay this weekend, a 50k Glacial Trail Race that will test my endurance October 14, the much-loved Fall 50 Relay Race in Door County and the culmination of the season – the Tyranena Half Barrel – one of my favorite races for beer-related reasons.

Here’s to finding time to do the things we love. Cheers.

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