Wisconsin Beer Runner Endorsement: Mug Clubs

How jealous I was every time I walked into a brewpub to see the happy locals drinking from their local mugs and sitting on their local stools.  They were the regulars.  The dedicated bar patrons.  And as a demonstration of their commitment and loyalty, they drank from special glasses that were bigger and cooler than mine and held high above the bar, taunting me as the interloper, Johnny-come-lately that I was.

I had never joined a mug club primarily out of geographic inconvenience.  There just was never a bar close enough for it to make financial sense.  Also, especially for the last several years, I just haven’t spent that much time drinking in bars.  Let alone the same bar over and over.

But with my solo move to Neenah, that’s all changed!  Kind of…I’m not out drinking constantly or anything, but I do eat out more often, and I found a nearby place with great local grub, good house beer, and a mug club that complies with my need for thrift.

At the cozy Stone Cellar Brewpub—a short hike from the apartment we’ll move to June 1st in Appleton–$35 bucks gets you:

  • One free beer a month for 12 months (beer runs $4-$4.50)!
  • The lease of a 20 ounce mug (vs. the UBER-LAME 16 oz. pint)!
  • BOGO beers on Sundays!
  • A free pizza the month of your birthday!
  • An invite to the mug club party!
  • Only one discount per visit! ….Oh, sorry, no exclamation necessary there I guess.

Based strictly on the monthly free beers and pizza, that there’s a $60 value, yes sir.

I like living the mug club life.  It makes you feel invested in a place, like you have a reason to return to check things out. I like having a little card in my pocket that gets punched and shows I belong.  I like drinking out of ceramic things.

And I think you will too.

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